Самый молодой миллиардер в мире

Автор: Nas Daily 23 April 2020 602

Nas: Theguy you see next to me is the world's youngest billionaire and he's not even 30.

Ritesh: HiI'm Ritesh Agarwal. I'm 26 years old.

Nas: Andthis guy doesn't come from New York doesn't com from California doesn't comefrom Sweden, he comes from here Ryoga da, India a city where most people makeno more than $10 a day. For the firsttime ever I want to share with you the incredible success story of the world'syoungest billionaire. Ritesh grew up poor and for 18 years he struggled hedidn't go to university and he had no career.

Ritesh: Atthat point of time I felt this was the toughest feeded I was ever gonna endurein my life.

Nas: Atsome point he was kicked out of his apartment with 50 cents in his bank account.Sohow the hell do you become a billionaire?

Ritesh: Moneyis not what I ever cared about. It is always about solving real problems for me.

Nas: And sohe did he noticed that a nearby hotel was empty a lot of the time and the orderwasn't making much moneyso he went tothe owner and took the biggest risk of his life he promised to make his hotelbetter he changed the lightbulbs he changed the bets he added water he putspicture frames he put room service and he took nice pictures of the hotel andput them on the Internet and changed the name and called it OYO Hotel. All of asudden the hotel went from empty to full and it worked

Ritesh: Firsthotel is always the hardest when I was able to change one hotel I was prettysure I could change hundreds.

Nas: At age 20 he raised money from investors atage 21 he hired 50people at age 22 he had 500 hotels at age 24 he raised onebillion dollars and at age 26 right now he has46,000 hotels and built thesecond largest hotel chain in the world and he's not even 30 years old.

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