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BUTRINGU: More than freelance

BUTRINGU — a platform where people with two native languages and specialized companies (translation agencies, travel and consulting agencies, visa and educational centers) meet with business, government agencies, travelers and tourists.
For specialists, freelancers and specialized companies in the area of linguistics, tourism, business support and education abroad
  • Job search service and specialized «language» HR marketplace with many daily vacancies and jobs.
  • Own online shop in Marketplace.
Reliable, relevant, diverse
For employers and those who are looking for a specialist or profile company in the field of linguistics, tourism, business support and education abroad
  • A large database of professional translators, guides, guides, tutors and sherpas (business guides) + a catalog of profile companies — translation agency, consulting and travel agencies, visa and educational centers.
  • Turnkey solutions in the Marketplace from specialists and specialized companies.
Convenient, cost-effective, rational

On our website, people search and find:

Language tutors
Tour guides
Sherpas (business-guides/business-consultants)

You can also find specialists
and profile companies in the categories:

«Local HR». For international projects and companies entering foreign markets — database of local specialists fluent in two or more languages
Visa support services
Legal entity registration and accounting abroad
Education / internship abroad

Formats of interaction between users
on our website: B2C, B2B and C2C

  • Company + company
  • Company + specialist
  • Company + customer (as an individual)
  • Specialist + customer (as an individual)

Our concept: More than freelance
BUTRINGU — international website «3 in 1»

HR recruitment service

Do you need a qualified specialist with knowledge of a foreign language?

Post vacancies or jobs in the selected category of the «Jobs»section — Find the best specialists and the best profile companies for full-time, freelance, temporary or one-time work.

Option 1. Specialists and specialized companies submit their bids — then you choose.

Option 2. You choose a specialist or profile company directly from our database ( «Specialists» section) and contact to them, whom are you interested in.

Specialized «language» HR marketplace

You — a specialist, who is fluent in several languages?

You — have a company, working in the field of linguistics, tourism, visa support, consulting and education abroad?

Register and find a permanent, temporary job, part-time job or one-time projects (orders), submitting bids to the jobs posted in the «Jobs» section (vacancies and jobs).

Marketplace of services of specialized companies and specialists who speak two or more languages

Are you planning a tourist or business trip abroad?

Need a solution to internationally support your business?

Interested in studying abroad?

Find the companies and specialists you are interested in, or order a turnkey solution on our Marketplace in the categories:

- Interpretation / translation
- Business tours
- Visa Services
- Legal Entity Registration and Accounting Abroad
- Learning foreign languages
- Education Abroad
- Excursions / Tours

Additional features: blogs and thematic content contests

All users can have their own text or video blog in the GEO BLOGS section.

All blog authors automatically participate in weekly thematic contests with cash prizes.

Share your experience and win up to $20 per week!